Best Blender for Protein Shakes

fruits inside a juicer

Protein shakes provide the body with excellent nutrients that enable the production of muscles. For this reason, they seem to be popular with people who are crazy about physical fitness. This healthy drink also enables your body to manufacture nucleic acids, cellular messengers, enzymes, hormones, and multiple immune-system components. The shakes are the perfect drinks …

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Best Blender Under 100 Dollars

kids taking some orange juice

Humankind has used blenders for countless generations over the years. The type of blender that has a spinning blade, which is arguably the most common, has been around since 1922. Blenders fall into different categories. The differences lie in purpose, price, and performance among other factors. Some blenders cost over $200. Others cost less than …

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Best Blender for Veggie Smoothies

Green delicious juice with a tape measure

Smoothies refer to thick, healthy, smooth and delicious drinks made by pureeing fresh fruits with a mix of ice cream, ice cubes, yogurt, and milk. They are different from soups, sauces, and juices though. Veggie smoothies, which are also known as green smoothies, have grown in popularity quite significantly over the last 2-5 years. Smoothies, …

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