How Long Does Wheatgrass Last after Juicing?

Wheatgrass juice is full of wheat berries. It is nutrient-dense too. The range of essential fatty acids is quite impressive too. Chlorophyll and enzymes are also in plenty in the juice. However, you have to take good care of it, especially if you have no plan of drinking it any time soon. It is equally rich in selenium, zinc, manganese, and calcium. Before you go any further with this topic, you have to worry about storing the drink, as that is the key to keeping it fresh for days.

Best time for drinking it

Have you prepared fresh wheatgrass juice? In that case, you should strive to drink it immediately. However, there exists a possibility that you might be unable to finish it all in one sitting. That shouldn’t worry you much, though. As long as you can store it well, the juice would be fresh enough to drink around an hour later too. Other than all that, it’s worth pointing out that you can only drink the beverage if you stored properly it in any tightly closed container.

Are you prepared to drink the juice immediately after removing it from the juicer? If yes, that’s great. On the other hand, you shouldn’t worry yourself sick if you are unable to do anything immediately. Instead, don’t panic. A good approach would be to find the best way of storing the remains. As you will see below, the juice would stay drinkable for more hours than would have been possible, but only under the right conditions.

What affects its freshness?

Oxidation is the biggest culprit here. Moreover, oxidation starts taking place immediately when you use centrifugal juicers to prepare the wheatgrass juice. For the most part, the drink will be good enough to consume up to 24 hours from the moment of making it. However, with masticating juicers, the situations change. Mostly, you will have access to a fresh drink that remains drinkable for the next 72 hours maximum. Therefore, choose your juicer carefully.


It’s possible to make too much juice that you then find hard to drink all up in one sitting. In such a case, as previously stated, a good option would be to store it in tightly closed containers. Ice cube trays can serve this purpose well too. What’s more, ice cube trays are more effective than discarding the remaining juice. On the other hand, refrigeration doesn’t keep it fresh for too long. You should not drink wheatgrass juice that has been in the refrigerator for long hours.

Do you now have an answer to your question? The time in which wheatgrass will last after juicing depends on several factors. First, it hinges on the type of juicer and juicing you preferred. Other than that, storage also affects the time that the drink remains fresh. As you store it, try to keep the drink away from the refrigerator, as much as possible. You could always freeze the juice. Freezing keeps its nutrients in place while making the enzymes inactive.