How Do Juicers Work?

Juicers, which are also known as juice extractors, are useful in the extraction of juice (liquids) from leafy greens, herbs, fruits, and various other types of vegetables. If you are familiar with the entire juicing process, then you might have encountered different kinds of juicers. Despite the world being full of all manner of juicers, it’s good to note that they all work the same way. There might be a few differences in terms of their features, though. Through this article, you should be able to know what to expect from your juicer.

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How They Work

First, it’s essential to mention the obvious. You need fruits and vegetables to use a juicer. Without these, your juicer would be a useless piece of equipment. Once you have the products, the next step is to place them right in the equipment’s chute. After that, you only have to press the right buttons, and the juicer would start working. The process is slightly more complicated than that. However, more of that later, once you understand that the market is full of various types of juicers that include the following:

  • Centrifugal force juicers
  • Masticating juicers
  • Twin gear juicers

It’s worth remembering that all these juicers work differently, as you will see below.

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1) Centrifugal Force Juicers

All you must do to see the centrifugal force juicer working is to put the fruits or veggies in its chute. The presence of the shredder right at the juicer’s bottom also allows it to shred the contents. After that, the juicer then starts spinning the shredded pulp into the machine’s basket. In this juicer, the spinning motion is everything. The juicer is highly porous. As you will see, it runs like a washing machine. While using it, you must remember that it will not hold as much squash as you would like.

2) Masticating Juicer 

Unlike the centrifugal juicer, the masticating juicer operates a bit slowly. More importantly, it’s the best option for anyone interested in generating cold-pressed juice. While running, you might notice its auger rotating slowly. Consequently, this action enables it to crush whatever vegetables or fruits you put in it. What is more, the crushing of fruits and veggies might never happen without the presence of the stainless steel mesh screen. All the crushed juice then finds its way into the cup/bowl that’s at the bottom of the machine.

3) Twin Gear Juicers

It’s easy to tell how these types of juicers work based on the name. The juicer has two gears, which shred the produce after interlocking. They work as one too. Nevertheless, you have to be ready to put in a bit of manual work to get it to produce the juice that you need. In this regard, the manual work comes in when you push the veggies and fruits down the chute with a bit of force. Despite all that, you will love the juice it leaves behind, especially when you are working with leafy vegetables. It extracts vegetable juice to the maximum.

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