Can I Put Wheatgrass in My Smoothie?

A glass of fresh smoothie will keep the doctor away. For starters, it helps you to lose weight while preventing dehydration. It will keep you feeling full at all times too. Apart from that, you will have an easier time controlling your cravings. Smoothies also aid in digestion while providing all the antioxidants that your body needs. However, can you add something to the smoothie to make it more effective in your body? Can you put wheatgrass in your smoothie?

Why do you need wheatgrass in a smoothie?

For all its many wonderful qualities, wheatgrass leaves a terrible taste on the tongue. Because of this, many people abhor taking it. Nevertheless, others have found a way of mixing it with something that’s more palatable, such as a smoothie, to make it drinkable and enjoyable. For this reason, you would be justified in taking this route too. That way, you would have no reason for pinching and wincing your nose while taking your breakfast, which includes a sip of wheatgrass.

Best types of wheatgrass with a smoothie

The best wheatgrass is freshly cut. You can get it in the produce section full of fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables, and sprouts of any health store that you visit. Alternatively, you could grow and harvest it to use whenever you feel like taking a few glasses of wheatgrass with a smoothie. Typically, a single pack of the freshly cut wheatgrass will give you 4-6 oz of fresh juice. Here, you are likely to derive a ton of the beverage from a masticating juicer.

Even without such a juicer, you could still mix smoothie with:

  1. Frozen wheatgrass
  2. Wheatgrass powder

How much wheatgrass is enough for a smoothie?

You don’t need too much wheatgrass in your smoothie. A single ounce of wheatgrass juice is sufficient for your needs every day. Alternatively, a single teaspoon of wheatgrass powder will not disappoint you either. You will derive maximum health benefits from such a seemingly small amount of the wheatgrass. For somebody who is not accustomed to wheatgrass, it would be great to start with nothing more than a single ounce before building up from that.

Even with the smoothie in place, you could feel terribly sick if you take a large amount of wheatgrass. It has a powerful detox effect, which sets in immediately. Therefore, the impact of the detoxification on the liver could leave you weak, sick, and nauseated even if only temporarily. Where this juice is concerned,  as long as your body improves its ability to handle all that pressure, you could then push up to 2-3 ounces.

For this reason, do not hesitate to mix your wheatgrass with any smoothie of your choice. A smoothie made from any fruit or vegetable would go down well with your glass of wheatgrass. It would give you an easy time gulping or sipping your glass of juice too. After all, as previously indicated, wheatgrass is not sweet despite all the health advantages it offers. It is capable of leaving you with a terrible taste in your tongue.