There is a time in everyone’s life when they decide that they want to start eating healthy foods only. But many of us, don’t end up following a healthy diet for a long time. I was no different, I tried at least five times to switch to a healthy diet but just could not.  The main problems for me were time and cost of healthy food options. Fruits and vegetables are part of every healthy diet and I was looking at a cost effective way of incorporating these in my diet. Something I can do at home, my search bought me to juicing and I was hooked. Juicing at home is cost effective and take minimal time and effort if you have the right juicer.

When I got my first juicer, I did not pay much attention to the type of juicer I was buying, just bought something that looked nice from the mall. That lasted for about four to five months. SO before buying the next one decided to do my research. I was overwhelmed by the various types of juicers and the multiple brands available. With everyone claiming to be the best, there was no simple way to find the one that is right for me. This is how this site was born. I created a simple buying guide and added several reviews from experts for the best juicers. To help you get started with juicing and to help you get the most out of it, I have written articles and shared my secret recipes with you on this site.

Compromising on your health is not an option and juicing can help you achieve your health objectives. You must take action and take your health in your own hands. I did it by incorporating juice in my diet. How will you do it?