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Scott Wilkerson

My name is Scott Wilkerson, and in this site, we’ll be going over basic juicing and blending fundamentals and trying to explain the super basics like what type of juicer or blender to get, how to clean the juicer tips and tricks.

There is a time in everyone’s life when they decide that they want to start eating healthy foods only. 

But many of us, don’t end up following a healthy diet for a long time. I was no different, I tried at least five times to switch to a healthy diet but just could not. The main problems for me were the time and cost of healthy food options.

 Fruits and vegetables are part of every healthy diet, and I was looking at a cost-effective way of incorporating these into my diet. Something I can do at home, my search bought me to juicing and I was hooked. Juicing at home is cost-effective and take minimal time and effort if you have the right juicer.

I've been juicing now for 8 years. Back in the day, I had the old-school juicer.
When I got my first juicer, I did not pay much attention to the type of juicer I was buying, just bought something that looked nice from the mall. That lasted for about four to five months.

Like two years ago, I needed to replace my juicer and, I decided to do my research on what would work well for my needs. I was overwhelmed by the various types of juicers and the multiple brands available.
I really value my juice for lots of reasons one is because rather than use caffeine or sugar to get my energy level up, I use fresh organic fruits and veggies.

Most people don't get enough fruits and veggies so juicing is an amazing way to make sure you cover that food group. Also, juices are filled with vitamins nutrients and enzymes that the body needs in the super easily digestible form. Juicing is amazing for reversing the side effects of aging to help you lose weight and to clear up your skin.

So basically, the first thing you want to do is get a good juicer, and for the smoothie lover, a great blender is vital.

With everyone claiming to be the best, there was no simple way to find the one that is right for me. This is how this site was born. I created a simple buying guide and added several reviews from experts for the best juicers and blenders for different needs. To help you get started with juicing/blending and to help you get the most out of it, I have written articles and shared my secret recipes with you on this site.

Compromising on your health is not an option, and juicing can help you achieve your health objectives. You must take action and take your health into your own hands. I did it by incorporating juice into my diet. How will you do it?

I hope this site will help you in your decision to choose a juicer or blender. Get the best recipes and benefits of different fruits and veggies. I have tried to be as bias-free as possible. If you have any queries, feel free to email me at: scott(at)expertjuicerreviews(dot)com.