Health Benefits of Drinking Celery Juice

Scientifically referred to as “Apium graveolens”, celery has for the most part been consumed as a vegetable. And it is only until recently that people began juicing it as it wasn’t the most obvious vegetables choice for most individuals. With its characteristic long stalk that tapers into leaves, celery is an extremely notorious super food. The celery plant boasts a unique nutrient profile that is valuable for the body. Both the stalk and leaves of the celery plant can be consumed depending on your location. Celery juice is made by pressing or blending the stalk of the celery plant and researchers have shown that juicing the celery is the best way to reap the most benefits. Keep reading to discover the health benefits of the celery juice.

Top Benefits of Celery Juice

  1. Boost Immunity

Celery for juicingCelery juice has demonstrated the ability to boost your body’s immunity by stimulating the production of white blood cells responsible for keeping our bodies safe from unwanted disease-causing pathogens. The high Vitamin C content found in celery juice actively reduces vulnerability to viruses and infections and increases the strength of our immune system.

  1. Detoxify and cleanse the body

No juice can hold on to the detoxifying and cleansing title better than celery juice. With an abundance of water content and anti-oxidants, celery juice if consumed regularly is capable of flushing out toxins from our bodies. Celery juice has a diuretic property that promotes regular urination one of the ways used by the body to pass out unwanted fats, salts and toxins.

  1. Skin care

Consumption of celery juice can facilitate the treatment of a number of skin ailments including eczema, psoriasis, acne to mention but a few. The water content in the celery juice keeps your skin firm, supple and looking younger while the anti-oxidants aid in purification of the body which in turn translates to the healthy look of your skin. The vitamins, C, K, A and B which are found in the celery juice ensure that damage to your skin is rapidly fixed while promoting the production of collagen which is essential for our skin. Regular consumption of celery juice will have people attempting to guess your age and your skin glowing like never before.

  1. Fight cancer

Celery juice contains a chock-full of anti-oxidants, but two in particular stand out. These are luteolin and apigenin which multiple researches have linked to the prevention of cancer due to their anti-carcinogenic effects.  The high concentration of the mentioned antioxidants in celery juice is said to aid in the neutralization of free radicals in the body in addition to preventing the growth of tumors. Celery juice is also said to reduce the spread of cancer to other parts of the body. Keep cancer at bay by habitually drinking celery juice even as scientist continue to conduct their research to find a more permanent cure for cancer.

  1. Prevent digestive disorders

Celery juice contains substantial dietary fiber that supports a healthy digestive function and while still managing to keep you satiated. The fiber also contains laxative and diuretic properties which improve bowel movement, urination and overall removal of toxins keeping digestive disorders at bay. Consuming celery juice takes away the discomfort of indigestion, constipation etc.


Because adding other ingredients will dilute its medicinal properties, celery juice is best consumed unadulterated by itself if you intend to reap its benefits. However, you can still opt to mix it with other complementary juicing ingredients. Celery juice tremendously invigorating and tasty but is also good for your health as shown above.