Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit Juice

Indigenous to Central America, and cultivated across at least six continents, the dragon fruit (a.k.a. pitahaya or pitaya) is an exotic fruit that supposedly gets its name from Asian vendors in a bid to try and appeal to buyers. Though its scaly appearance and green protrusions almost resemble those of a dragon. The dragon fruit can be found in many different colors such as magenta, red, yellow and white. The dragon fruit is often likened to the kiwi fruit because of the similarities in texture and the specks of rather crunchy black seeds. The dragon fruit is a nutritional dynamo with undebatable health benefits.

In-case You Need Convincing:

Dragon fruitSuppress arthritis: Occurring as a result of weakened bones and inflamed joints, arthritis can be a pain (quite literally) to deal with. The astonishingly delicious dragon fruit juice is filled with vitamin K that contains anti-inflammatory properties. What does this mean for individuals suffering from arthritis? It means that you can cope with not just the inflammation but also the resulting pain. Drinking dragon fruit juice regularly could eventually avert the arthritis. The anti-inflammatory properties can also relieve other inflammatory health related issues such as asthma and gout.

Detoxify: Dragon fruit juice is great for detoxifying your body. It promotes healthy body functions as it flushes out toxins. Consuming the dragon fruit juice aids the digestive process due to the mild laxative properties found in the dragon fruit. The juice also has a high fiber content that aids in improving your bowel movement.

Manage sugar levels: With a rather plain taste, the dragon fruit juice is neither sweet nor sour. Contains a moderate amount of fructose like any other fruit juice, dragon fruit juice is suitable for not only diabetics but everyone else trying to keep healthy blood sugar levels and suppress sugar spikes. Just as is with everything else in life, moderation is key.

Daily dose of antioxidants: A great source of antioxidants, Dragon fruit juice is filled with phytonutrients that provide the required dose of antioxidants. Even if we tried we couldn’t list all the benefits associated with antioxidants as they help fight all free radicals seeking to disrupt your body’s functionalities. Antioxidants also keep your heart healthy.

Vitamin C: Dragon fruit juice contains vitamin C which is one of the essential vitamins that aid in strengthening your body’s immunity. Some of the benefits of vitamin C include; protection against eye disease (C what it did), cardiovascular diseases, production of collagen, pre-natal health problems among others. The vitamin C contained in the dragon fruit juice is what you need to keep from getting sick.

Skin Care: The dragon fruit juice contains an extremely high-water content suitable for keeping your skin moisturized and looking clear. The water content, high antioxidants and vitamins responsible for the production of collagen which can be found in the juice ensure your skin looks tight, younger and nothing short of amazing as it flushes out toxins.

Better Metabolism: With a generous amount of fiber and proteins, dragon fruit juice is filling and can help increase the body’s metabolism. The fact that the juice flushes out toxins as previously mentioned also ensure that your body is not only clean but is also absorbing nutrients at an improved proportion. Better metabolism automatically translates to your better weight and even better health.


The dragon fruit juice is a delicious drink with acclaimed nutritional and health super powers and is worth trying. Best served chilled you can now share some of that amazing dragon fruit juice with your family and friends, so they can also begin to enjoy the benefits that come with the juice. Good luck juicing!