Health Benefits of Drinking Tomato Juice

Did you know that tomatoes are fruits and not vegetables? They are a berry from the tomato plant otherwise known as the nightshade Solanum lycopersicum. The prolonged culinary use of the tomato is why most people are usually unaware that it is a fruit and not a vegetable.

Tomatoes are extremely popular and can be found in most kitchens around the world. This is because in addition to adding flavor to our foods they are also dense with nutrients that are good for various body operations. However even their popularity could not save them a couple hundred years back when they were thought to be poisonous because they were part of the nightshade family.

Native to South America, tomatoes have an impressive nutritional profile which consists of antioxidants such as lycopene, vitamins K and C, potassium and folate. But that is not all. They also have high water and fiber content and are low in carbohydrates. All of which can also be found in the juice.

Other compounds which can be found in tomatoes as well as in the juice are beta-carotene, chlorogenic acid, naringenin and lycopene. Mature tomatoes occur in different colors from purple, yellow, green, orange to red which is the most common. The different varieties in which it occurs should be a hint on just how versatile the nutrients housed by the tomato juice are.

Benefits You Could Be Missing Out On:

image of tomatoesLet’s take a deeper look at some of the benefits associated with tomato juice.

Aids Digestion: Regular consumption of tomato juice contains lots of fiber which aids the digestive system by stimulating the production of digestive juices and peristaltic motion to regulate bowel movement. This helps prevent the occurrence of both diarrhea and constipation. Its water content also maintains the overall health of your gut and gets rid of toxins in the digestive system

Maintains blood pressure: Daily consumption of tomato juice lowers the risk of blood pressure otherwise known as hypertension. Tomato juice contains potassium which is known to balance the effects of sodium on the blood vessels. As a vasodilator potassium works to eliminates stress on the arteries and heart by increasing blood circulation.

Protects the heart: Tomato juice contains lycopene which prevents fat oxidation and decrease the levels of LDL also known as bad cholesterol. If left unchecked and unbalanced the deposition of fats leads to cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks. It also contains folate which helps to balance the amino acid homocysteine that is a by-product of protein breakdown in the body and increases the risk of heart attack. Potassium also works in conjunction with the other components to ensure your hearts health. It protects the heart muscles against deterioration from the effects of blood pressure.

Skin Care: Drinking tomato juice increases the contents of vitamin c in our bodies. Vitamin C is responsible for the synthesis of collagen which is the major structural protein found in the skin and other connective tissues. Collagen ensures that your skin is repaired from damage by adverse elements. It is well known that a deficiency of vitamin A leads to scurvy.


You can prepare tomato juice from the comfort of your home as it is very easy to prepare. The juice is extremely juicy, filled with anti-oxidants throw in some dill or basil for the extra flavor and you have a valuable addition to your diet. However, before juicing remember to wash them as tomatoes have often been listed as the top plants containing the highest amounts of pesticide residue. We hope that you will also adore this wonder juice just as much as we do.