How Tall Should Wheatgrass be before Juicing?

You should not juice just about any wheatgrass that you come across. Otherwise, you would be unable to produce the quality of juice that you need. Quality juice comes with a world of health benefits. However, that disappears down the drain if you go with the wrong kind of wheatgrass. For this reason, it’s important to learn how to select the best kind of wheatgrass. This article looks at the quality and characteristics of such a plant, especially for juicing. That way, you should know what to look for if you choose to either buying or growing wheatgrass for juicing.

How tall should wheatgrass be before juicing?

Before delving further, it would be prudent to clarify something first. Wheatgrass is not the wheat plant. It is not a fully mature wheat plant. Instead, it is the wheat plant in its young or youthful stage. For this reason, you ought to exercise a bit of caution when harvesting it. If you get this stage wrong, you will not have the wheatgrass juice that you crave. However, getting this right expose you to tons of benefits. Mainly, the wheatgrass should be between 4-6 inches in length at the time of harvesting. It’s easy to determine this if you grow the grass yourself.

That’s not the only aspect of the wheatgrass that you should look out for, though. Additionally, you should focus on the exact point where you cut the stalks. Ideally, you should restrain yourself from cutting just above where the roots start. That way, you will have given them ample support for growing back up again. During this next stage, you could even leave the plant to grow and mature into a wheat plant. By observing this requirement in terms of length, you would be guaranteed optimal grass juice. With these two qualities, the grass is ready for juicing.

Other Important Qualities

Height isn’t the only desirable quality. Neither is the actual point of cutting the plant. For these reasons, you need to observe other aspects of the herb. The most important one is the freshness of the grass. Here, freshness also refers to the greenness of the plant. When fully grown, the wheat plant is almost yellowish/light brownish. However, the wheatgrass is just like any other grass. It is succulently and refreshingly green. You will know that you have quality wheatgrass upon checking and confirming that it is green all the way through.

In summary, the best height for wheatgrass that you wish to use for juicing is 4-6 inches from the ground up. Anything that is either shorter or taller than this would be imperfect for juicing. Additionally, you should ascertain that you cut it just above the ground where its roots start. Moreover, confirm that the grass is green, fresh, healthy, and vibrant. Remember, juicing is only beneficial to your health when you use fresh ingredients. You should be able to sit down to prepare one or more ounces of cool and fresh juice once you select the best wheatgrass.