Juicing vs Blending the Ultimate Battle

The topic we are going to talk is juicing vs blending and which one is the best to start your day. Before we start talking about it, let’s first discuss the differences and similarities between the two.


When you are making juice you are putting the fruits and vegetables in a juicer and what you take is the juice, this is the water of the fruit with most of the nutrients that the fruit contains.  The leftover of the fruits and vegetables are called the pulp.   Basically a juicer removes the juice and liquids and separates out the pulp.


When you blend your fruits and vegetables the outcome is a smoothie. At the blending process in you actually pulverize the fruit and get it in a smoothie form leaving no leftovers like pulp etc.

Juicing vs Blending

Now that you know the difference between these two techniques you will ask.“Ok, so which one is better?”The answer is that there is no better or worse option. It all comes down to what is your goal, what is your nutrition plan and what do you like more. I have friends that do not like blending because they are disgusted by the pulp and others that prefer blending because it feels more like a complete meal.So let’s examine the main nutritional differences between juicing and blending.As we mentioned above, when you juice there is a thing that you “get rid” of and this is the pulp of the fruit. But what is the pulp? The pulp is the insoluble fiber of the fruit which can be really good for your health. What fiber does is it slows down the adsorption of the sugar and also cleans and helps keep your digestive tract healthy. On the other hand, because some nutrients stay in the fiber and also slows down the absorption of the nutrients from your body.When you juice, you take 70% of the fruit’s nutrients as the other 30% is found in the pulp.  You should absorb all 100% of this nutrient that is found in your juice because the body does not have to digest the fibrous pulp to extract the other 30%.You should also consider your nutritious goals when deciding whether or not you should drink juices or smoothies.If you are following a diet, because you have health problems or because you want to have a moderate weight loss, it is better to follow a smoothie diet.   This is mainly because the extra fiber in a smoothie will help curb your appetite and will be easier to follow.On the other hand, if you want to want to achieve a higher weight loss in a shorter timeframe, you should follow a juicing diet which is more difficult but has quicker results.  Whichever one you decide is right for you, ideally you will be consuming more fruits and vegetables by embarking on this journey to better health.

Uses for the pulp

If you are a juicing fan, don’t make the mistake of throwing away the leftover pulp. We have gathered some smart ways to use this pulp.  You could add the pulp to a soup. This will make your soup thicker and will also add all the healthy fibers to your meal. Make a tea. Use the pulp to make a fruit tea that will make your friends wonder how you made it. Boil the pulp with water and also add other spices like cinnamon ginger or something else that you like. Serve it with honey.  Check out RebootWithJoe for more great ideas for pulp..

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