Juicing For Weight Loss: 4 Potent Fat Burning Ingredients To Include

Juicing to lose weight has never been more popular today and there’s a reason why! If you do it right, you will definitely see RESULTS and furthermore you will be getting healthier! It’s definitely better for you than taking pills, powders, teas and so on. With fresh organic juice, you are going to get the best of both worlds which is to lose weight and stay healthy.

Losing weight is a common side-effect when you’re juice fasting long enough. Wondering why it is a side-effect? Isn’t losing weight a good thing? Well, it is if you’re overweight but not so good if you are already thin. People go on a juice fast for various reasons, some to cure their current ailments, some to prolong youth, for beauty, for weight loss and most just for the overall health benefits.

The problem with juice fasting to lose weight is often the weight gain when you finish. Once you get off your juicing regimen, you’ll start gaining weight. It should be clear to you that any weight loss you experience during your juice fast is TEMPORARY! And the reason for it is because throughout the duration you’re on juice, you’re not eating anything. You’re just drinking healthy juice.

Never go off juicing completely if you’re looking to maintain your weight loss. Instead, focus on changing your diet to a healthier one! Incorporate a weekly day that you consume only fresh juice and avoid solid foods. Also you should avoid high fat, sugar and protein intake. Forget the unhealthy snacks and junk food. It isn’t good for you! Exercise more, work your body! Practice all the good habits that will make you healthier

Make your juice a POTENT fat burner

Here’s a list of fruits and vegetables you should include in your juice and diet. These are natural fat burners and should be considered an ally if you’re trying to lose weight.

Fresh HOT Peppers

fresh hot peppers

I’m talking jalapenos, habaneros, green/red chillies, and cayenne. Anything that contains high amount of capsaicin is good. Consuming them by itself can be rather unpleasant, so apply some creativity and mask them with other ingredients before trying.

Capsaicin is one of the key fat burning ingredients found in most natural weight loss supplements. It increases heart rate and metabolic rate in your body which then helps you burn more calories. The moment you start burning more calories than your intake, you’re on the road to losing weight.

Fresh Berries

fresh raspberries

Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, acai, goji, strawberries and so on are delicious, nutritious and powerful fat burners.

Berries contain high amounts of ketone which is also found in most natural weight loss supplements alongside capsaicin. It works almost similar to capsaicin from peppers and is known to be highly effective metabolism boosters.

Besides ketone, they also contains high amount of fiber which helps with digestion and burning calories.

The powerful anti-oxidants found in strawberries particularly, blocks the breakdown of starch into simple sugars which then reduces blood sugar levels. This is a good thing because, excess sugar in the blood are converted to fat cells.

So don’t forget the berries in your juice diet.

The Wonderful Grapefruit

wonderful grapefruit

Naringenin found in grapefruit can help reduce hunger pangs (when you’re on a juicing fast, you will experience hunger pangs on a whole new level). They promote calorie burning more efficiently in the body. It’s a great metabolism booster like berries and pepper and should not be overlooked as a fat burning ingredient.

The Refreshing Green Apple

green apples

Rich in polyphenols, this natural occurring chemical is yet another metabolism booster which related to more calories burn.

Green apples are also known to be good fat absorption blockers because of the complex carbohydrate it contains. The complex carbohydrate responsible for this function is known as pectin which is common in most fruits but not as high as what’s found in green apples.

What Now?

Remember that a juice fast will often cause weight loss, but if your diet returns to the same as it was before then you will more than likely gain the weight back. Strictly drinking juice is a great way to improve your health and allow your body to shed some excess pounds, but it is not the long term answer. Try doing a juice fast once a week to help your body maintain its ideal weight. Make sure to include all these fruits and vegetable in your juice recipes and see the amazing transformation!