How Do You Squeeze a Lemon with a Lemon Squeezer?

It is possible to use nothing but your hands to squeeze lemon to make lemon juice. However, there are moments when you may want something better. In this case, a lemon squeezer is capable of doing a much better job. Unlike your hands, the squeezers are capable of giving you more juice. Fortunately, the market is full of different types of squeezers to suit your budget and needs. Therefore, you should get one and start using it to make lemon juice. If you don’t know how to use one, then you should continue reading to bring yourself up to speed.

What is a Lemon Squeezer? 

Lemon squeezers are some of the smallest yet useful items you could ever have in your kitchen. This small hand-held device will help you to extract juice from lemons. It is safe also to call it a hand-held manual juicer. You should buy it if you expect to be making plenty of lemon juice without having to spend too much money on juicers. After all, the squeezers are more comfortable to use. They are also smaller, which means that you can travel with them anywhere. More importantly, the squeezers save you tons of money too.

How It Works

Before placing your lemon in the squeezer to begin squeezing whatever juice it has, you should first cut the fruit in half. Afterward, take one half and put it on the squeezer. Before you start squeezing, you should ascertain that the cut side is facing down. That way, the juice will drain smoothly and directly out of the holes. As you do that, you should also remember to squeeze the two handles of the device together. By doing that, you will be inverting the lemon peel; hence increasing the amount of juice that you can squeeze out of a single fruit.

However, you should always have the following ready before starting your work:

  • Lemons
  • Squeezer
  • Cutting board
  • Knife
  • Bowl

Remember to use nothing but the best citrus fruits. In this regard, you should only go for ripe and fresh lemons. Make sure that they are slightly soft too. You may be tempted to use heavy lemons. That choice might seem appealing because they tend to be juicier. Nevertheless, restrict yourself from using the tough fruits, which only make it harder for you to extract the much-needed juice. Check if the lemons are warm since room temperature fruits are much easier to juice.


Remember, the squeezer is a lever-based device. The fruit will always be right between the two levers. In many respects, the tool is better and the preferred choice of many users than juice pressers and reamers. Furthermore, it does a splendid job without leaving your hands with a huge mess. Most remarkably, the juicer ensures that you have your fill of fresh juice. Always cut the lemons lengthwise or clockwise for the best results too. Do not forget that you will only get better at this, the more you use the squeezer.