A Tiny Hurricane: A Review of the Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain

The Breville Compact offers a lot of power in a very small package. This powerful juicer carries a lot of functionality for a reasonable price. It is an entry level product for someone who wants to begin creating their own natural juice drinks. It is straight forward and simple in its design. From unboxing, to activation, to cleaning it functions cleanly and simplistically. It deals with blending foods quickly and universally. Clean up is easy and it creates very clean juice.


There are a lot of things going well for this juicer. The design is exceedingly small. Standing at a squat 9.5 inches tall, it fits on just about any counter. A concern for most juicers is crowding a counter that already makes room for toasters, microwaves, and other necessary appliances. This product can sneak alongside many things and is a charm to stow away. Standing very short for most juicers, it also houses a great deal of power for such a small package. Its 750 watt motor is very powerful and can chew up any foods from tough carrots to soft berries. This comes in handy is you want to try cleansing juices. The feeding tube is 3 inches across and centered directly over the blender. At this size even apples can go in without having to cut them up beforehand. The blender is so small that functionality like this is even more impressive.

There is the concern of its build and what all of this hardware can do to a small device. Despite this concern, it works admirably. It is exceedingly stable and bounces around very little during use. This is doubtlessly thanks to the centrifugal design. Its body is made of plastic. This material allows it to be very lightweight for the power that it has. It can be easily packed up and taken elsewhere without dragging around a big heavy juicer. Once you are finished with it, feel free to wash it all. With the exception of the motor compartment, the entire product is dishwasher safe. The filter grate is made of stainless steel and may require your direct attention in cleaning. However, this juicer comes with a cleaning brush out of the box.

It is also very easy to assemble once you buy it. The pieces are few and they fit together logically. There is no complexity to this juicer and that is a good thing. There are no cryptic functions or hard to put together parts. Once together it stays together until it is time to clean it.


As solid as this juicer is, there are a few flaws with it. The same motor that creates such great juice is also very loud. A 750W motor in a small container means almost none of the noise is dampened. It is louder than a vacuum cleaner in some cases. This motor also does not offer a lot of variety in its power. The Breville Compact only has two modes: on and off. There is no variable speed for the blade. Though this is great for the overall simplicity of the product, it does not allow you to customize the consistency of your juices and can create chunks with some denser green vegetables.

The body’s plastic casing can also feel cheap at times. Though this makes the juicer very lightweight, it feels like a weaker product than it is. This does not hurt the function, but the aesthetics suffer for it. The safety latch will occasionally scratch the juice container after prolonged use. It fits well together, but not with aesthetics in mind at all.

This juicer does not expel its waste. Once you insert an orange, the shredded peel and dried pulp rests below the blades until you clean it. It does come with a cleaning brush, but you will have to break it open and clean it after every use.

The Final Word

The Breville Compact is a solid juicer in a small size. Its strong motor and wide mouth allow for a large diversity in juices. Its simplicity works well in creating a product, but this simplicity can lead to a little extra cleaning that you would avoid with other models. It is louder than usual, but it is loud because it works well. It is one of the best reviewed juicers for a reason. This is a great choice for your first juicer, but those looking for an advanced juicer may be put off by its lack of speed customization, non-expelling of waste, and noise.

There are so many juicer brands that you can go for but Breville Compact is among the best in market at the moment.