What Do You Call a Lemon Juicer?

Lemons offer several health benefits. They provide you with ample antioxidants to help wage successful wars against different types of diseases. The fruits are also renowned for their effectiveness in reducing stroke risk. You will also love them for their ability to have a positive impact on your blood pressure. Together with their juice, the fruits have become popular because of the effect they have on preventing cancer too. You need a juicer, however, to extract juice from the fruit.

What Do You Call a Lemon Juicer? 

A lemon juicer is a machine for extracting juices out of lemons. In many circles, it’s also known as lemon squeezers too. Other than that, it is also reasonable to find manufacturers making citrus juicers. These types of juicers will help you to extract juice from your fruits efficiently. More importantly, they are not limited to lemons alone. Instead, you could use them to extract juice from different types of citrus fruits. Sweet oranges such as kumquat, blood orange, navel, and Cara Cara also fall in this category. Other citrus fruits you can juice using the tool include:

  • Limes such as kaffir, Persian, and key lime
  • Grapefruit such as oroblanco, ruby red, and white
  • Lemons such as Eureka and Meyer
  • Mandarins such as calamondin, tangelo, tangerine, and Clementine

Regardless of its name, the lemon juicer will extract lime from the fruit. It not only separates but also crushes the fruit’s pulp. That way, you remain with a product that you can work with effortlessly to create the kind of juice that you crave.

What is more, the juicers are made using robust materials that are resistant to acidity. Because of this, you will mostly find them made using materials such as metal, glass, and plastic. In some cases, you may encounter juicers made of ceramic too.

Manual and Electric Lemon Juicers

Furthermore, you can use different types of juicers to extract juice from lemons. In this regard, your options would invariably revolve around manual and electric juicers. However, that’s not all, though. Instead, you would be right in using either masticating or centrifugal juicers to extract all the juice that you need. All these different options are useful in your kitchen. Before selecting your preferred machine, though, you would need to evaluate it first. Here, you should make your choice based on the following criteria.

  • The cleanliness of the citrus/lemon rind
  • What does the juice from the juicer taste like?
  • How effective is the juice straining?
  • How easy is it to clean the juicers?
  • How noisy are the juicers?
  • How much space does the juicer take?
  • Will you struggle to clean the juicer?

Without a doubt, you will feel impressed by lemon juicers for many reasons. For starters, they are easy to use and incredibly useful. Their versatility is not in question at all. You can use them for juicing different types of citrus fruits, as well. You can have as many of these juicers as possible instead of restricting yourself to one. That is, if your finances allow you to make such a decision. It’s worth stating that some of these juicers are not expensive. For this reason, you should not let your lack of finances to hinder you from buying a good lemon juicer.