Homemade Vs. Store Bought Juices

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With everyone trying to adopt a more conscious approach to how they live, people have become extremely conscious of what they consume in an attempt to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Juices have become a pretty popular approach with many people opting to include them in their daily regimen. However, the question remains, to juice, or …

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Eating Tips for More Effective Workout

One of the best ways to achieve your fitness goals is exercising and eating healthy foods. Understanding the connection between working out and eating will enable you attain a perfect body. In the discussion below, we have outlined Eating tips for more efficient workout for beginners as well as experienced trainers.Eat healthy breakfastIf you have …

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13 Experts Reveal Juice Fasting Tips

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We reached out to some juicing experts and enthusiasts to share with us their advice and tips for those looking to start a juice fast or cleanse.  We had a lot of really great responses and some amazing advice. [toc] Dr. Michele Burklund //www.healthyfashionista.com/ 1. Mentally prepare yourself ahead of time. The first couple days …

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